Advanced Energy

Touchstone Resources LLC dba Bakken Energy Resources was incorporated in Texas to provide procurement and equipment rental services for private sectors and government agencies.

Technical & Professional Knowledge

We are founded on many years of cross-section professional experience in the procurement and supply chain industry with long standing operational, technical, and commercial know how.

Service Superiority & Differentiation

We differentiate ourselves from others through innovation, international partnerships and technology that bolster our operations to deliver quality service to our clients.

Bakken Energy Resources

A Multi-Skilled Company
We are a multi-skilled company that provides Sourcing & Procurement Services. We provide solutions to the marine, oil and gas industries as well as Government Agencies through vessel supply, procurement and rental services.

Bakken continually seeks new investment opportunities that will complement existing assets and activities.

Our success in support services to the private sector and government agencies motivates our investment drive as we diligently research new opportunities. We are further motivated by our commitment and promise to stakeholders, hence, our attitude on investment.
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