Industrial Pump and Equipment Rental


  • - Borehole Pumping
  • - Lupe Oil Flushing
  • - Fluid Transfer
  • - Fuel Oil Spill Containment
  • - Hazardous Fluid Transfer
  • - Sludge & Slurry Removal
  • - Water Source Filtration
  • - Drain Pumping Cleaning

Bakken Energy Resources offers rental and optimization services for pumps.

Whether you need industrial pump to transfer hazardous fluids, repair existing pipelines, or move water during a project, we have the technical experts that are ready to guide you from design to installation. Our goal is to assist you in maintaining a safe and top-notch work environment through high performance pumping equipment and accessories, and to help you ensure that your project stays on track. Our years of expertise in the pumping industry provides the customer service you expect from an industrial equipment rental partner.

Our pumps are rated for crude oil, saltwater, fresh water, and many other applications. We have the capability to set them all up with the same plunger size or a couple of pumps with each plunger size to give you additional perimeters for higher or lower discharge pressure and flow rate requirements. 

These are put together as a complete pump package which includes:

  • - Aluminum bronze material fluid end
  • - Your choice plunger size
  • - Suction / discharge valve assemblies
  • - ANSI 600 FF discharge connection
  • - ANSI 150 FF suction connection
  • - Your choice of engine
  • - Electric Motor, Natural Gas Engine and Diesel Engine
  • - V-belt drive assembly
  • - Skid mounted with custom belt guard
  • - Murphy L-129 oil level gauge
  • - Murphy VS-2 vibration switch

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Bakken Energy Resources provides economic optimization services on crude oil transfer pumps. Based on our findings and client’s approval we will supply parts and materials for pumps that are deemed economical and replace the pumps that are obsolete. For the obsolete pumps, we will supply new pumps, carry out all the civil and mechanical modifications required to install pumps, handle installation, commissioning and handover of the pumps.